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Innovative solutions for your business
Neural interfaces are among key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Introducing neurotechnologies
allows improving current business processes and create new products
Improving staff efficiency
Maintaining mental
health of employees
Developing recommendation services

Conducting neuromarketing research

Developing consumer electronics
Ensuring primary employee scoring and staff training
3 simple integration steps
We help develop
a prototype product
and implement your pilot project
We audit your business and shape a product hypothesis together
We organize a hardware and software functionality demonstration

Neiry technology use cases
Приложение для проведения тренингов на релаксацию и сеансов медитации с биологической обратной связью. Обучает сотрудников правильным образом расслабляться и переключать внимание, снижать уровень стресса и повышать качество отдыха в перерывах между работой.
Повышает уровень ментального здоровья и снижает уровень стресса сотрудников.
Повышает уровень лояльности сотрудников и эффективность рабочих процессов.
Повышает вовлеченность сотрудников в корпоративную жизнь.
An application for relaxation trainings and biofeedback meditation sessions. Helps employees to relax and switch their focus in the right way, reduce stress levels and improve the quality of rest during the breaks.

Increases employees' mental health level and reduces stress.
Increases employees' loyalty and efficiency of workflows.
Increases employees' engagement in corporate life.
An application for determining individual features of a person (client, employee) and aptitude to a certain type of activity. It allows personalizing educational process and choosing the optimal curriculum and advanced training program.
Personalization of educational process.
Selection of the optimal training program.
Selection of the most effective track within employee career development.
A hardware and software complex based on a neural interface and featuring specialized software. It allows tracking employees' levels of concentration, fatigue, and tension at critical production sites, reducing the risk of accidents.

Reduces the risk of accidents.
Improves the objectivity of employee condition assessment.
Allows optimizing the level of staff workload.
Universal software for working with the data obtained from Neiry devices and using all Neiry Devices features
Displaying physiological data from all sensors in real time (EEG, PPG, MEMS).
Ensuring access to all Neiry metrics: instant productivity, emotional states, iAF, etc.

Outputting the spectral power
of Theta, Alpha, SMR, Beta rhythms in the range
of 4 — 35 Hz.

Recording RAW data in the HDF5 format with a markup option.

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